AFV Honda  

Clean Cities was developed in 1993 by the U.S. Department of Energy as a way to encourage the use of alternative fueled vehicles (AFVs). AFVs operate using fuels other than gasoline and diesel. Those alternative fuels include propane, natural gas, electricity, ethanol and methanol.

Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities was established in December, 1995 with the objective to raise awareness toward alternative methods of fuel use in vehicles and become less dependent on foreign fuel.

Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities paves the way toward new markets, partnerships, support, and resources. PRCC is dedicated to creating new jobs and commercial opportunities, facilitating alternative fuel vehicle production and conversion, expanding the local refueling infrastructure, increasing public awareness, advancing clean air objectives and supporting regulated fleets.

For more information from Clean Cities, U.S. Department of Energy, Philadelphia Regional Office, please contact Patricia M. Passarella, telephone 215- 656-6966. Ms. Passarella may also be reached through her email address at [email protected].



Sunoco Station at Pittsburgh Airport